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Burundi coffee beans are remarkably delicious. You’ll taste a subtle sweetness akin to brown sugar
amidst tamarind, black tea, and red berry flavors.

Burundian coffee is exceptionally high-quality offering
a distinctive clean body taste that will quickly become a favorite.

Region: East Africa


Cerrado Coffee Beans are the highest grade of the famous Brazilian beans, lively and inviting with a smooth, sweet taste.


For people who enjoy coffee with lots of body and low acidity. The lower acidity means virtually no "bite". A GREAT coffee for Italian style espresso, either single origin, or as a majority
of a blend.


Region: Brazil


Wet 1400 is where South America meets East Africa in a wonderful complementary blend. Inhale the high-altitude summer air and enjoy the wild sunset.


Wet 1400 is grown at an elevation of 1400 Meters and processed wet to give you a coffee experience like no other!

Cupping notes: Sweet, nutty, lemon zest, melon, cane sugar, lively, silky body.


Region: Central America, East Africa


Grindhouse Brew - The daily grind can be rough… When Wednesday feels like Monday, you still have to perform; and so does your morning coffee!


Don't start your day without first having a cup or two of Grindhouse Brew.

This coffee is Dark, but not as dark as a French roast, Nutty, heavy body, clean with an excellent finish. A Medium Roast that will keep up
with your demanding pace.


Region: South America

Syndicated Award-Winning Country Music Radio Hosts Brad Hennington and Curtis McKinney have entertained the masses worldwide for over a decade with their radio show Cranked Up Country.

Now the duo is entertaining your taste buds with coffee that even the aficionados can’t put down. Smooth and Bold, with some of the best blends from around the world.

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